Content Creation

Creating engaging content for your event app

When you’re writing content or deciding on the type of content you need for your event app, there are no shortcuts. Writing that is boring to read will drive people away from what you’re offering, meaning they could miss important information and won’t bother checking back.

So, how do you create engaging content?

Identify your objectives and audience.

Know what your event is all about and what you’re trying to achieve. This will help you stay on track and avoid distractions. While it is okay to provide information about things other than your event, make sure that the topics are interesting to your audience. Including irrelevant content will be a surefire way to lower engagement with your event app.

Make sure your content is well written.

The text should flow smoothly and be easy to read. Poor spelling, grammar and syntax make for a difficult reading experience and will reflect badly on the event. Having a few people review all of your content for readability and spelling errors will go a long way. Sloppy writing seems unprofessional and can lead people to believe that the event will also be poorly managed. The effects of poorly crafted content can also extend to the way that your audience receives information throughout the day.

Be unique and interactive.

Don’t steal content from elsewhere. Your audience has likely attended similar events in the past and there is a good chance that they have seen it before. Be original in what you want to say to them.

Interactivity will keep people engaged with your app. Post quizzes throughout the day so that people can be entertained while they wait for a presentation to start. Allow users to ask questions via the app and answer them promptly. Provide relevant and timely announcements. If you have a special guest speaker, provide a biography or even a brief interview. All of these things will keep your audience interested in your app and consequently, your event.

Give your audience what they want.

Depending on your event, your attendees will want different things. At a silent auction, you probably don’t need biographies on the people running the show. However, this can be extremely useful at a conference, allowing your attendees to quickly find out who’s who. Adding in a comment board to allow users to interact with each other and discuss what’s going on can also be very helpful – in the right context.

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