TAPevents Conference App
Comprehensive Event Solution

All of the functionality below is included as standard
Just pick and choose what you need


  • Push Presentation

    Allow your delegates to follow along with your presentation slides in realtime and in their language of choice. Users can even pinch to zoom for a closer look or swipe back to view earlier slides in more detail.

  • Welcome Letter

    Static content pages for messages and/or general information.

  • Biographies

    Yearbook-style profiles with optional photos and sub-categories.

  • Agendas

    Realtime-updating agendas with information tailored for every user.

  • PDFs, Images, Video

    Make documents or media available for viewing.

  • Request Materials

    Allow users to have documents and presentations emailed to them post-event.


  • Live Polling

    Watch on-screen as your audience vote on your questions in realtime.

  • Q & A

    Allow users to send questions directly to the speaker via their devices; a whole new Q&A experience.

  • Global Push

    Take full control of all devices and direct users to any part of the app at anytime.

  • Feedback Form

    Delegates complete your survey directly on the app and all collected data is sent to you immediately after the event.

  • User Notes

    Users can take notes digitally, which are emailed to them after the event.

  • Whiteboard

    Collect sketches, photos and videos from delegates, taken using the device’s built-in camera.


  • Comment Wall

    An open forum to comment and chat among delegates.

  • Private Messaging

    Allow users to communicate between one other via private in-app messaging.

  • Analytics

    Time-based usage statistics detailing user engagement, voting results, questions and feedback forms.

  • Announcements

    Push pop-up messages and reminders to specific users or all attendees.

  • User Groups

    User and group-based access permissions for all functionalities, modules and sub-content.

  • Virtual Helpdesk

    Allow users to submit a query and have staff members respond to their device within seconds.

Can‘t find the functionality you’re looking for?
Our in house development team will make it happen.