Word Cloud
Realtime Visualization Tool

Unique and Collaborative Insight

Create a visually stunning word cloud by inviting your attendees to submit words or snippets of text on a tablet.

This app is completely customizable with regards to fonts, event images and colors.

Your word cloud is automatically generated and updated as users add submissions and can be displayed on a projector, plasma screen or LED wall.

Great for driving more traffic to your exhibition booth or engaging your attendees around a specific topic or question.

Carly, cievents

Thank you to TAPevents for the great word cloud technology! We used the word cloud during our event in 5 languages – English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese. It was a great activity for our 400+ delegates and they loved all of the responses appearing live on the screen and seeing what their colleagues were entering. The system was easy to use and the TAPevents team were very responsive and provided great service. It was a great idea for our event and we look forward to using it again at another event!

Carly, cieventsJuly, 2015