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Using Event Technology at Corporate Events

Technology is ubiquitous and people from all walks of life are embracing the new opportunities that come along with it.

The events industry is one of the beneficiaries of this new technology, and more and more businesses are using mobile technology to enhance their corporate events.

There are a huge number of advantages when using this kind of technology at your next conference or meeting. The main goal is to maximize the value of an event to your attendees by increasing engagement and improving the channels of communication between the company and attendees.

Delegates can access a greater amount of information in an easier way than before, without the need for printing. All the relevant materials, biographies, schedules or instructions are just a touch away, and can be easily updated at any point in time. Presentation slides are pushed in real-time to the devices; so all attendees get the best view possible of the presentation. Delegates can even swipe back to a previous slide if they missed something.

Event technology can also greatly shorten the time and effort spent on procedures such as Q&A or balloting, which are typically time-consuming and difficult to manage. This opens up new opportunities in terms of collaboration, bringing an unparalleled interactive feel to the meeting.

One of the common concerns of engaging mobile apps at corporate events is the lack of a reliable Internet connection at the venue. By using a dedicated, offline WiFi network, you can be assured that the system will run stably throughout the event regardless of the WiFi setup at your chosen venue. This offline approach also ensures a very high level of data security – whereby data is only accessible to authorized devices within range of the network.

In addition to improving event execution, mobile event technology can also help build or boost your brand image by creating a level of consistency at all of your corporate events. Imagine what a pleasant experience it could be for every attendee at your event to hold an iPad installed with a custom designed event app unique to your occasion. Not only will adding a digital element to your event help boost the participation rate of attendees, it will enhance your brand image by consistently and coherently presenting the content of your event to every attendee via the same digital device and mobile app.

You may also have cost considerations in mind before proceeding with the use of mobile technology at your next event. The good news is that you don’t have to buy your own mobile devices. Rental service providers can provide you with reliable devices by the day and come fully charged, set-up and ready for your event. Many providers can even ship the devices directly to your event destinations in countries all over the world.

At TAPevents, we’re regularly developing custom-made mobile apps for all manners of events. If you need a developer of iPad event apps in Hong Kong, we can help bring your ideas to life.

Mobile apps are becoming hugely popular at corporate events in Hong Kong and the industry is only continuing to grow. Ask an expert how you can incorporate event technology that is in line with your goals and company image at your next event.